Upcoming Changes

Starting in the spring of 2023, the advanced road test will no longer be required to obtain a Class 5 or Class 6 licence in Alberta. Instead, Alberta drivers will qualify for their Class 5 or Class 6 after successfully completing a 24-month probationary period. In addition to this change there will no longer be an additional road test required to upgrade to a Class 4 licence.

What You Need to Know

Class 5 and Class 6

GDL Drivers must have no suspensions or traffic violations within their last 12 months of probation, including zero tolerance for and alcohol and/or drug consumption.
If a driver exhibits poor driving behaviours resulting in demerits, or are ticketed for other unsafe driving offences during the last year of probation their probationary period will be extended for an additional 12 months. Drivers may also be able to reduce their probationary period by up to six months if they complete an approved driver training course..

Class 4

Drivers upgrading to a Class 4 licence (taxis, ride-share, limousines, small buses and ambulances) will no longer be required to successfully complete an additional road test. An enhanced knowledge test, driver medical and vision test will still be required.


More information on these changes will be available in the coming months. These changes are tentatively starting spring of 2023.

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