A registration of marriage is a legal document of marriage that indicates information about the couple, the date and place of the marriage, and who performed the marriage. The information that is filled out on the registration of marriage is used to produce the marriage certificates and marriage documents. When you are applying for a marriage license, you will receive a registration of marriage from the registry agent as a part of your marriage license. When you are legally married, the person with the authority to perform the marriage will complete a registration process that the registration of marriage form becomes a permanent legal document. Before the wedding ceremony, you must give the marriage officiant both the license and the registration of marriage to show that you have met all the legal requirements in Alberta and that they are now able to perform the ceremony. The people that are required to sign the registration of marriage during the ceremony include the couple getting married, two adult witnesses, and the marriage officiant. The marriage officiant that is performing the ceremony keeps the marriage license for their records and has to submit the registration of marriage with the Alberta Vital Statistics office within two days of the ceremony.

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