The wonderful staff here at The Registry West can provide information and documentation for many of your vehicle needs

Vehicle Registration

    Personalized & Specialty Licence Plates

    Our team is happy to help you order your personalized licence plate. These requests must be done in-person and configurations must meet Governement of Alberta standards, please contact us for more information.Specialty licence plates may be ordered through our office, this includes Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, and Support Our Troops plates. Please note that these plates can not be customized, other types of specialty plates may require additional documentation and approvals such as Veterans and HAM plate requests. Please contact us for more information.

    The type of vehicle information and documentation we can help with are such things as:

    • Access to Motor Vehicle Information
    • Change of name, address or sex on driver documentation
      • To change your name, you will need to either a Legal Change of Name Certificate (if you have already changed your name); a Marriage Certificate or Civil Marriage Statement (to change to a married name); a signed Adult Interdependent Partner Agreement, proof that you have lived with the other person for at least 3 years, or a statutory declaration stating that you are in a stable relationship with your partner and there is a child from the relationship - by birth or adoption (for common law name changes); or, a marriage or divorce certificate, and a birth certificate (to change back to a previous name).
      • To change your adress, you will need to provide both your physical and mailing address in Alberta.
      • You may self declare your sex at any time if you meet the following criteria:
        • Are at least 18 years of age.
        • Are presenting an amended birth certificate or record of birth at any age.
        • Are less than 18 years of age, but are married or an adult interdependent partner.
        • Are less than 18 years of age, and are providing both parents’ or their guardians’ consent (please fill out the form below).
        • less than 18 years of age, and there is a court order dispensing with the parents/guardians consent.
    • Driver's licences
    • Identification cards
      • Legal residents of Alberta 12 years of age or older without a drivers licence, and full-time students at accredited instituations are eligible to apply for an identificiation card. You are required to prove you can leagally live in Canada. Please bring one of the following documents:
        • A Canadian birth certificate.
        • valid Canadian passport, NEXUS or Permanent Resident card.
        • Secure Certificate of Indian Status Card (SCIS).
        • Canadian Citizenship Certificate dated after February 2012.
        • Canadian Citizenship Card dated before February 2012.
        • A confirmation document, permit or resident visa issued by the Government of Canada that gives you resident status in Canada for more than the next 90 days.
        • refugee claimants with a Refugee Protection Claimant Document and valid work or study permit.
    • Paying fines
    • Travel documents and identification
    • Vehicle licence plates
    • Vehicle registration and renewal
    • Driver Abstract Statement for Intent
    • Driver Abstract Consent
    • Notarized Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information
    • Driver’s Abstract Information Sheet

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