In Alberta, all births must be registered and it is the responsibility of the mother or father/co-parent to complete the registration of birth form. In some situations, someone who knows the facts around the birth may complete the registration of birth form.


The birth registration must be sent to the Vital Statistics office within 10 days of the birth and only special situations can the parent mail the registration straight to Vital Statistics. The Registration of birth form is a permanent document and it is important that it is completed correctly and completed fully.


If corrections are needed amendments may only be completed with the appropriate documentation and affidavits. If the amendment is requested within 90 days of the birth there is no fee. But after 90 days there is a $20 government fee that will be applied.

Social Insurance Number

Once you register your child’s birth you have an option to apply for your child’s social insurance number (SIN) as well as the Canada child benefits at the same time. A SIN is required to access many Albertan and Canadian government benefits and programs. Information for your child’s SIN application will be sent to Service Canada over a secure network once the birth has been registered and there is no fee for the application. To apply for your child’s SIN, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The Canada child benefits include federal and provincial child tax benefit programs for your newborn.

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