Temporary marriage commissioners are selected by the Alberta Government to perform civil marriage ceremonies. A temporary marriage commissioner appointments are a one day appointment and they are limited to an adult that is living in Canada who are a judge, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, a member of the House of Commons, a former permanent marriage commissioner of Alberta, or an active or permanent marriage commissioner for a Canadian jurisdiction. Under only very certain circumstances will service Alberta appoint an individual as a temporary marriage commissioner when they do not fall into one of the above categories. For individuals that are seeking for a temporary marriage commissioner appointment they must understand that a temporary appointment are valid for only a day. There are other registration procedures for licensing of clergy or religious groups to perform marriages in Alberta. A person with a temporary marriage commissioner appointment only has the authority to conduct a civil marriage ceremony. For the purpose of becoming a temporary marriage commissioner, a permanent Alberta resident is defined as a person that is lawfully entitled to be in Alberta and who will be present in Alberta for 6 months or more per year, who would ordinarily pay Alberta income tax, and who is eligible for Alberta Health Care Insurance benefits.

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